Health Questions and Answers

  1. Why do I upload pictures while I can still access them from my phone?

    Our secure chat screen has a feature to "share" your information while having conversation with a pharmacist. Instead of manually adding and typing we make it easier for patients to share information with just one click. That means, if you already have added medical history, medication, pictures etc and you want to chat with multiple pharmacists you don't have to add information each and every time. The "Share" icon comes in handy here :-)

  2. Why prescription written anywhere outside Canada are not considered valid in Canada?

    Regulations in Canada

    College of Pharmacists of all provinces in Canada do not consider a prescription written by any doctor outside Canada as a valid prescription. There are number of reasons for it and it is non-negotiable. Hence many times patients travelling to Canada feel inconvenient with this barrier in filling a prescription when they need it. Pharmacists will usually refer them to the nearest hospital or a walk-in clinic to get a new prescription written by a Canadian doctor.

    How can you prevent such incovenience?

    • know before hand if the medication you are taking is either prescription or over-the-counter medication in canada
    • research nearest walk-in clinicc in the area you are travelling or simply ask us by registering on https://patientandpharmacist.com
    • have your travel insurance up to date to claim reimbursement if you need any health service in canada
    • research common over-the-counter medications brand names in Canada since they are likely to differ from your own country's brand names
  3. How to find and what to ask to your compounding pharmacy?

    What are compounded medications or mixtures?

    Compounded Medications are prescription and non-prescription (OTC) medications not commercially available through drug manufacturers because they typically contain varying strengths (percentage medication) of active drug ingredients. Your doctor has prescribed you a specific strength or mixture of more than one medications. Your local neighbourhood pharmacy may not usually compound this mixture for you because it can cost them some time and labor, not to mention they sometimes lack a sterile compounding area mandatory for compounding these drug mixtures. 

    Compounding Pharmacy

    This problem is solved by Compounding pharmacy where they specialize in all sorts of compounds – making them from scratch in desired strengths and combinations of medications as prescribed by your doctor.

    Some common over the counter medications that are not commercially available are also available through them such as boric acid tablets, magnesium glycinate, sodium chloride tablets etc. Your local community pharmacy can however prepare some (less time and labor intensive) drug mixtures for you and so it won’t hurt to ask them first and then look for compounding pharmacies.

    Where to buy 

    Depending on your neighbourhood you can run an online search for example, and you will see the name, address and phone number of those pharmacies. We have created a list of compounding pharmacies in greater Vancouver area to help you find one easily. 

    What to ask your pharmacy

    Most patients have third party insurance (extended drug coverage) which covers their prescription medications. However, it is always a good idea to confirm beforehand with your pharmacy if your insurance will cover compounded drug mixture or not and if not what is the cost of this compound because some of them are very expensive. Your insurance provider may also ask you to manually claim for reimbursement on certain drug mixtures and it is totally fine since drug mixtures do not have a drug identification number (DIN) of their own which pharmacies use to submit an online claim to your insurance. In this case they will ask you to pay and submit your claim.

  4. Why my pharmacy is asking me to register with provincial govt plan even when I have extended coverag

    There is no communication between provincial government drug plan ( pharmacare for example in BC) and private insurance providers and so they use pharmacist as a medium to communicate with the patient on their required documentation. All you have to do is call provincial govt customer care BC Pharmacare) and get confirmation number of your enrollment or any document that indicates that you are enrolled with pharmacare and then forward this documentation to your insurane company. Once this information gets updated your coverage will resume as before.  


  5. What to do if last active hormonal pill of Alesse is vomitted?

    Usually a dose is repeated if you vomit in 30 minutes but if it is over 2 hours after your dose the dose need not be repeated. The medication should have already started getting metabolised. Also, a back up contraception method is recommended for couple days to ensure maximum protection. 

  6. I got a cut in my knee while jogging and fell off the rock hitting my knee. I am bleeding. What to d

    First thing, clean the injured area with hydrogen peroxide, it is an antiseptic. Apply polysporin antibiotic cream liberally all over and cover the injured area with guaze/bandage and keep cleaning the wound 3 times per day. Keep it breathable. 

    Wait about 4-5 days and notice if the wound is healing, if there is no improvement then see your doctor for prescription of antibiotic cream or oral medication. 

  7. What is the canadian version of fever medication in Australia?

    In australia the fever medication used is called paracetamol. In Canada it is called Acetaminophen which is sold under brand name Tylenol. If you have more questions ask me online here at Pharmacy Live Chat or ask pharmacist in local pharmacy

  8. How to cure coughing up of phlegm but it is not coming out?

    Phelgm needs to be loosened in order to be able to cough out. There is medication called Guafenesin in Canada available under name Mucinex. It is oral tablet of extra strength guafenesin which helps to loosen the mucus. If there is dry cough involved then we need to use Dry cough medication called dextromethorphan. Ask pharmcist online what brand name to use since it is available in many combinations. 

  9. Can I ask questions if i am from different country?

    Absolutely, we are licensed pharmacists trying to answer questions for anyone. If it is in our scope of practice we will answer anything we know about. Ask pharmacist online for free and chat with pharmacist of canada anytime.

  10. Can methamphetamine get detected in urine test if I am taking vyvanse?

    May be. Since they are all structurally or chemically related to each other it is possible to get positive methamphetamine if you are taking vyvanse. Further testing is required to differentiate and truely detect methamphetamine. 

  11. What can I take for leaky gut?

    Most commonly, until you get your doctor's prescription, you can manage symptoms of leaky gut or diarrhea with over the counter diarrhea medication called imodium or peptobismol. Take this medication after each bowel movement and make sure not to exceed the maximum dosage on the packaging.

  12. Can Acne medication called Tactuo pump used in pregnancy?

    It is not recommended to use in pregnancy as the ingredients - adapalene and benzoyl peroxide are not considered safe to pregnant women. Even if its only topical use it is still not used in pregnancy. Other Acne products like benzaclin are considered only if benefits outweigh risks as per doctor. Benzaclin contains clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide.