Terms of Services

This website is not a substitute to medical consultation or doctor’s consultation. For any urgent medical condition or health situation please do not use this website or stop using this website and call 911 and receive medical attention immediately.

All services hereby offered on patientandpharmacist.com (hereinafter the “website”) are meant to help patients in our scope and should never slow down or delay any consultation, of any kind, deemed necessary with your care providers. Patientandpharmacist.com (here in the website) always urge you to continue consulting your regular pharmacies for any help required with your health, medications and medical condition since your pharmacist has access to all necessary information needed to answer your concerns. This website is not meant to be perceived as a benefit of dealing with many pharmacists, healthcare professionals or pharmacies.

The user agrees to comply with the terms of service regarding creating and maintaining their profile on this website. All users are responsible to ensure that any information stored or shared with pharmacist during conversation is up to date and accurate. Patientandpharamcist.com (hereinafter the “website’) does not guarantee about any discrepancies related to the information stored or updated, it is in user’s sole responsibility to ensure accuracy and correctness. Also, the user must update any changes occurring in their information on their profile and notify pharmacist during their consultation. Pharmacists registered on the website may require additional information to better answer your questions and hence users must provide complete medical history, list of medications or any health- related information deemed necessary to initiate a consultation with pharmacists. Any violation of this terms may result in deletion or suspension of user’s account on this website.

Pharmacists are not allowed by regulations to prescribe any medications or diagnose any medical condition. The website (hereinafter “the company”) is not liable for any damages or loss occurring as a result of this.

The user understands that pharmacists do not provide any medical diagnosis, since the pharmacist is not qualified to make a diagnosis. The user also understands that all labels and instructions on the packaging of the products recommended, mentioned or otherwise that can be described by pharmacists should be read carefully and fully adhered to.

Below are general terms of use the user must agree to:

  • Personal information is collected, maintained, used and disclosed as per the most recent updated version of policy .
  • Under no circumstance the website (hereinafter the “company”) is liable or responsible for the information contained in the consultation answers and comments of pharmacists and all registered users.
  • The company holds no responsibility to any action taken from the content of website in direct or indirect manner and any damage or expenses occurring as result.
  • The website is a platform to connect users with pharmacists. Pharmacists use their professional judgement to advise and answer any health and medication questions and it is in their full discretion and responsibility. The company does not promote or endorse any information provided or mentioned and shared by the pharmacist on the website. Any consequences, under no circumstances whatsoever, resulting after direct or indirect comments made by pharmacists on the user or personnel related to the user is not under the company’s liability.
  • This website and its services are prohibited for use for under 14 years of age. Any profile encountered violating this condition of use will be deleted.
  • Only user with authorized user email and password are granted access to this website and ask questions to pharmacists. It is in user’s responsibility to keep login credentials such as email address and passwords private, not disclose to anyone else. The company will never contact you to disclose your login credentials unless otherwise it is necessary to do so for the support staff to help solve any concern about your profile and profile settings etc. All users are asked to notify support staff at info@patientandpharmacist.com if they become aware of any activity related to their account that would need the support staff’s attention such as when password is lost, stolen or gets compromised to unauthorized access. The user also agrees to never create another profile with the same email address as well as register or act on behalf of third party.
  • To not use any language or post any information and/or content which is sexual, racist and /or of hateful nature. All users and registered pharmacists agree to be respectful in communication with each other.
  • The company becomes an exclusive owner of any content posted by the users and users may request to remove any part of the content which will be reviewed on case by case basis. Some parts of information may continue to appear on the website after attempting to remove and the company is not responsible for this.
  • All services made available through the website are subject to change or termination permanently or temporarily without prior notice to the users.
  • The company may introduce any form of advertising deemed appropriate by the company on the website which contains advertisements relating to the industry and services offered from the website. The company may receive payment from the advertisers using this website to advertise any product or services offered if advertisers are various type of healthcare professionals.
  • May implement features to view registered pharmacists in your nearby area based on google maps location services and it is in accordance with the google API used to create this feature. Please read the terms of service of Google services http://www.google.com/intl/en-CA/policies/terms/

Except where prohibited by applicable law, the website reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time without prior notice. Your continued access or use of the website indicates your consent to have read the new updated terms of services. It is user’s responsibility to review the terms of use from time to time. The company shall not be considered responsible of any consequences arising due to failure to do so.

The current version of terms of use of the website are governed by the laws of the province of British Columbia, Canada. If you have any questions about terms of service of the website please contact us at info@patientandpharmacist.com