Patients spend on average 30 minutes on internet searching for health and medication information and then also go to their pharmacists asking further opinion.

Internet is great to find answers but it can sometimes compromise patient safety especially if they are not aware of credibility and safety of health information found online. Also, What a waste of time and inconvenience for patients!

Now what if your local registered pharmacists are online to answer your questions?

Welcome to patientandpharmacist.com. It is simple and fast, just like messaging apps

Helping patients

  • Fast, personalized answers to your medical questions
  • Complete care plan on how to treat minor health problems right on your phone
  • Full product research on natural products and vitamin supplements tailored to your needs
  • Link and image sharing option built inside chat allows pharmacist to verify products and answers in real time
  • Removes the pain of carrying insurance/health cards & personal health information with in-app secure access
  • Upload Prescriptions right from your phone and get them delivered to you (coming soon)
  • Keep patients safe from unreliable sources of information on internet

Helping Pharmacists & Pharmacy Owners

With a focus on patient experience, value-based services and marketing, we build technology and solutions for independent pharmacy owners to help them grow business.

We will help you innovate your pharmacy business so you are always ahead of competition.

The benefits:

  • Expand the reach of business to acquire new customers
  • Enhance customer experience of existing clients
  • Personalized online services to patient engagement